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Trumpeter 02203 THE PLA Air Force FT-5 Training (1:32)

Skala 1:32

Plastikowy model do sklejania. Nie zawiera kleju ani farb.

FT-5 is a jet training plane developed by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. It was put into production in 1966. The first one was handed to the troop to use in 1967. Besides being used by navy and air force of China, it have been exported to 8 countries. The aircraft is 11.5 M long, the wing span is 9.6 M .Its is fitted with one 23mm machine canon. Besides being used as a training plane, it can also carry out the task attacking to the ground . It has ever be choosed by BaYi demonstration flight team of China because of its good performance.


Item No     02203
Item Name      PLA Air Force JJ-5 Trainer
Bar Code     n/a
Scale     1:32
Item Type     Static Aircraft
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